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These Are The PERFECT Party OUTFITS To Get You In The Festive Mood

The festive season is well on its way, with many major cities around the world putting up their festive lights and decorations. If you’re like me, this time of year comes with lots of celebratory dinners and parties with friends and family. One of the most difficult decisions can be choosing the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving or that Christmas party. To help you curate some ideas for this year’s festive season, I’ve listed some of my recommendations for party dresses to get you in the festive mood. I’ve included pieces across a range of price points, so you can indulge in luxury and style consciously. There’s never been a better time to get your shopping baskets ready!


No festive dress list is complete without a velvet dress. This one comes with a slim fitting silhouette and a touch of feathers on the shoulders for that extra va va voom. This dress comes in a black and burgundy shade, for those of you that like having options. I think a perfect, little, black dress is essential for every woman to have in her closet. I also think this dress would be suitable outside of the festive season too, it can have a forever place in your closet.


Every woman needs a dress that will make her standout from the crowd and this is it! Unlike the traditional festive colours, this dress mesmerises with a deep cobalt blue. The loose fitting of this dress marries well with the shorter length, allowing it to float around the woman wearing it. I find that dresses designed in this way, exude even so much femininity as they follow the natural movement of your body. The feather trimmings add to that standout quality, this will be an easy dress to remember, and for all of the right reasons.


This list would not be complete without a classic red dress. Around this time of year read takes centre stage and for good reason. Trying to find a read dress that isn’t overwhelming can sometimes be a difficult task. With this piece, you get to enjoy a classic look without being over the top. I would recommend this dress for work Christmas parties or events.


4. The Sequin Dress

The sequin dress is another must have during the festive season, but it’s also a style that can easily be done wrong. The secret to getting sequin dresses right, is wearing them in darker shades. Often, bright silver and red sequins are generally perceived as lower quality, as any flaws in the sequins are easily noticed. A darker shade sequined dress in colours such as navy blue or a deep, emerald, green help to reflect light in a way that makes you stand out without appearing tacky. Only very minimal accessorising is needed when wearing a dress like this. Enjoy!


5. The Co-Ord

This co-ord tailored suit combines glamour with femininity. The turquoise blazer comes with a belt to add some refinement to the waist and the feathered sleeves add a delightful finishing touch. This outfit can also be elevated by adding a designer brooch. The combination of colour and tailoring is designed to have you as centre stage, whilst accentuating your feminine silhouette, what's not to love?

Take action!

Hopefully the decision of what to wear has gotten a whole lot easier. Do let us know which of these outfits would be your go to choice, and which accessories you'd wear alongside them!


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