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About Sarah

Hello Darling! I am so grateful that you have arrived...

I’d love to share a few details about myself that you may not already know. Although I currently reside in London, my story began in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where I was born and raised for the first nine years of life. At the age of 10, my family relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I completed all of my schooling, and began to lay the foundation for creating the life of my dreams. 

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Growing up, I was shy and timid, a lot of which had to do with adapting to life in a new country, but I remember a defining moment in middle school, when I discovered my love for fashion, beauty, and a luxurious lifestyle, and decided that I wanted more for my life than what was within my comfort zone. From that moment, I was determined to live a life of excellence to achieve endless possibilities.

This drive was further cultivated when I began my career, while in college, and noticed that even as one of the youngest employees within my company, my voice mattered when I was willing to advocate for what I believed in. This confidence did not immerge overnight, but it was through the process of intentionally pushing through the fear, that I was able make choices that aligned with my goals.

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“Elegance is a discipline of life”


- Oscar del Renta

What you believe you can achieve.

One of which included the choice to take on a leadership role within the company, and relocate to Amsterdam in 2015. This decision was another defining moment in my journey, as it stretched me professionally and personally, and led me to establish my roots in Europe. It also showed me that what I believe, I can achieve!

This experience is one of many that solidified my belief that when you meet life with the faith that even the deepest desires of your heart are possible, and match this belief with the determination to work towards their pursuit, you will walk in alignment with your purpose, and live the life of your dreams!


The lIfe you weRE created to LIve

For me, cultivating my dream life has included prioritizing travel, health/wellness and fitness, personal growth and development, healthy relationships, defining my personal style, and enjoying quality food and wine; incorporating luxury into every facet of my life.

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Inspiration Lives Everywhere

As I celebrate over one year of living in London, a city that was once just a dream residence, I would like to invite you into this next chapter of my life; this platform, which I hope will provide you with valuable insight into how you, too, can envision and pursue the life you were created to live!


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