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Statement Coats To Take Your Autumn Looks To The Next Level

The temperature is gradually dropping, the days are getting cooler and it’s getting darker during the day much quicker than it used to. With all of the changes that come with autumn, it’s about time to consider making changes to your wardrobe to prepare for the colder days ahead.

As much as I love autumn style, one of the difficult compromises during this time of year often comes from having to wear a coat that covers up your entire outfit. I can think of a few occasions where I was super dressed up, only to be draped from head to toe in hats, scarves and long coats that took away the “wow” factor from my look. No longer does that have to be the case! We’ve made a round up of some statement coats and jackets to add some glam to your outfit, without compromising on warmth. Whether you’re ready to add some of these items to your basket or you’re simply looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!


It’s rare nowadays to find modern pieces with a classic feel but this L Cuppini coat, combines modern tailoring with classic fur. This coat is made to last and requires a specialist clean to uphold its shape, so this is perfect for the high maintenance ladies that want something they’ll be able to wear for a lifetime! This coat strays away from the usual colours that are associated with autumn and gives you the chance to stand out.


A bold pop of colour can make all the difference on a rainy autumn day. The wool and cashmere blend means that you can maintain style without having to compromise on warmth. The oversized structure means that you can adapt this coat for an office look or for a casual lunch with friends, either by wearing heels or sneakers. The way the coat is styled alongside a darker hue of pink is also a smart way of wearing one colour with versatility.


This number is for the ladies that want to stand out amongst all of the grey and black coats that are worn during this time of year. Ever since Bottega Veneta made green the colour of the century, more brands are starting to play catch up, and for good reason. This shade of green can be muted alongside navy blue or brown, or it can be turned up a notch by pairing it with colours like orange.

Given that most people gear more towards shades like khaki, this shade of green is going to have you noticed for all of the right reasons.


This coat combines the luxury of cashmere with the traditional design of a trench coat. The belted waist on this coat is a central design feature that gives a more modern feel. The belt is also removable, which makes it perfect to be worn during both autumn and winter, as the temperatures continue to drop. The cropped sleeves of this coat also mean that your accessories won’t go unnoticed!


The beauty of this coat is found in the combination of colours and texture. This piece is made and designed in Italy and combines a classic houndstooth pattern with tweed. The coat is also functional in colder climates too as it is fully lined and is contains virgin wool. The tailored structure of this coat makes it more suitable for formal occasions, and with the colour palette you have a number of different options when it comes to accessories and the other parts of your outfit.


Opulent and sophisticated are the two words that describe this emerald green coat. Outerwear in this colour is quite a hard find, so if you’re looking for something unique that will have everyone asking, “where is your coat from?”, this is the colour to go for.

There are very few colours that don’t pair well with emerald green, so you’ll have numerous options when it comes to the rest of your outfit. Blue, as seen on the model works well, in addition to cream, brown and burnt orange.


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