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Timeless Luxury Summertime Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe


Summer is gradually coming to a close but whilst the warm weather still lingers in many parts of the world, what better way to enjoy it than to do some shopping? In this blog post we'll be sharing some of our must-have summer accessories for you to use every year. Even if it's no longer warm where you are, many of these accessories can be purchased on sale on sites such as the Outnet.


Maison Michel hat

Maison Michel is known as the crème de la crème of the hat world. Not all hats are made equal. Many high-street brands use materials such as polyester and acrylic, which are rarely able to hold their shape. Maison Michel use some of the highest quality materials such as rabbit felt and raffia.

The Virginie hat by Maison Michel is a staple in Sarah's wardrobe. Many of you would've seen her wear this hat on walks around London or even on vacation. The Virginie style comes in multiple fabric options including straw and rabbit felt, the latter of these options also gives you the added bonus of being waterproof. Whilst the hat does come at a heftier price tag than the usual high street brands, you can be rest assured that better quality also comes with it. If you wear hats often, it's worth it!

Price range: £400-£500 / $560-$650


Emilio Pucci Kaftan

A kaftan, or cover-up, is a summertime staple! Kaftans are perfect for the times that you want to walk along the beach but don't want to do so in your bikini. Or perhaps you're by your balcony on vacation in Santorini, Greece and you don't want your neighbours seeing you in your swimwear? A kaftan is the perfect solution for this.

Emilio Pucci has a number of bright and beautiful designs to add even more joy to your summer vacation wardrobe. A personal favourite is the Lily Print Kaftan which comes in both coral and turquoise. Now we're not sure whether this was done intentionally but the great thing about these two colours is they address the two common undertones that people have; warm undertone and cool undertone. Can you guess the undertone of the woman in the picture above? The correct answer is warm, which is why the kaftan on the left makes her complexion "pop".

Price range: £655 / $930


Chanel espadrilles

Chanel needs no introduction, over 50 years after her death Coco Chanel is still one of the most renowned fashion designers of the 1900s. Whilst the Chanel espadrilles are a more recent addition to the brand, introduced in 2013, it seems as though they are here to stay. According to Google Analytics these espadrilles are searched for between 10,000 and 100,000 times a month! Considering how chic and comfortably they are, this comes as no surprise.

Chanel espadrilles come in various styles including tweed, grosgrain, leather and even a knitted style although the leather tends to be the most popular and arguably the most versatile. Not only can these shoes be worn down with white jeans and a pretty blouse, they can also be worn up with a floral dress and a pair of sunglasses. Oh and it gets better! Pre-loved outlets like Vestiaire collective show that over the years these shoes are able to hold their value. Style and value, what more could you ask for!

Price range: £540-£560 / $765-$795


Celine sunglasses

No matter where you are in the world shades are a summer must-have, and in summer parts of the world an autumn must-have as well! As this is the case, it's always a good idea to invest in a pair of sunglasses that will make a statement. I can't help but notice when I see a woman walk past and see that she has a well manicured look with a neat pair of Celine or Gucci sunglasses. For some reason, the glasses always take the outfit up a notch.

Celine are famous for the cat-eye and square variation of their sunglasses. Take a look. Need I say more?

Price range: £270-£330 / $385-$470


Missoni beach bag

Missoni is an Italian luxury fashion house known for its bold and colourful knitwear designs. The vast majority of Missoni's creations are inspired by the artworks of Italian artists, such artists include Nino di Salvatore and Piero Dorazio. One of the things that Missoni are famous for is their beachwear and their beach bag is no exception.

This multi-coloured chevron bag is designed in the signature Missoni pattern. In many ways this bag is a statement piece, so much so that you may even be tempted to wear it off the beach! Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

Price range: £580 / $825


Loewe basket bag

The Loewe (pronounced low-ay-vey) basket bag has become a cult classic and summertime favourite in recent years. The Spanish luxury brand has made raffia tote bags even more popular than they already were by placing their stamp of approval, and brand on the classic style.

The Loewe basket bag comes in sizes small to large, so there is something for everyone. It all depends on how much you want to carry! One of the great functions of this bag, is that it has an adjustable strap which allows the bag to be worn over-the-shoulder or in hand, similar to a top handle bag. Despite its wide opening the bag also contains a leather tie closure, giving you that extra sense of security and confidence.

Price range: £350-£375 / $495-$535


Take action!

Tell us in the comments below what some of your favourite summertime pieces are, luxury or not, we'd love to hear from you!

Written by Faith O.

Contributing writer for Effortlessly Sarah


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