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The 5-Step Checklist Every Woman Needs To Feel More Put Together

Some of you ladies will remember that a while back, I wrote a blog post on the true meaning of levelling up. In that blog post, I talked extensively about the need for continuous self improvement which includes both inner and outer work. In this post, I want to emphasise on some of the more external elements of the self improvement process namely, the steps you can take to feel and look more elevated and "put together".

A lot of people are under the impression that being put together requires you to have lots of money at your disposal or a personal stylist but this is far from the truth. Small tweaks and adjustments over a period of time can have you looking as glamorous as your heart desires and you don't have to break the bank in the process. If you want to know which steps you can start taking today, then continue reading!



If you are an effortless woman at the beginner level, you are working on the foundational elements of improving how you look and how you feel.

You are a beginner if you scored 39 or below in the "Yes or No: Beauty & Self Care Edition" on Instagram Stories.

1. Personal Hygiene

  • Frequently changing bed linens and towels

  • Nails are kept clean and evenly shaped at all times

  • Hair is clean and always styled

  • Regular bodily hair removal i.e. waxing, shaving, hair removal cream

  • Eyebrows are neatly shaped and maintained

  • Regular use of lip scrubs, masks and balms

  • Keep spare sanitary products in every bag you own

2. Makeup + Skincare

  • Daily cleansing and makeup removal

  • Makeup brushes are washed regularly

  • Have at least one foundation that is your exact shade match

  • Weekly exfoliation using products like this

  • Moisturising on a daily basis

3. Style

  • Wear clothes that fit your body type

  • Have clothes tailored where necessary

  • Practice breaking in new shoes at home before wearing them outside (this would ensure maximum comfort)

  • Clean light coloured shoes after every wear to prevent permanent staining

  • Replace any clothing items that have holes

4. Jewellery

  • Own classic pieces such as pearl earrings, a stylish watch and a statement pair of earrings

5. Perfume

  • Have 2-3 fragrances in the different fragrance categories (i.e. woody, fresh, gourmand) that you can rotate depending on the event



If you are an effortless woman at the advanced level, everything at the beginner level comes naturally to you. You are now seeking new ways to up level your personal maintenance routine. You are also willing to invest in different treatments and techniques that will help you to put your best foot forward!

You are advanced if you scored 40 or above in the "Yes or No: Beauty & Self Care Edition" on Instagram Stories.

1. Personal hygiene

  • Appointments with a dental hygienist on a bi-annual or quarterly basis for professional teeth whitening

  • Consultations with your hair stylist to explore new hairstyles that best frame your face shape

  • Use silk pillowcases and bedsheets to maintain skin moisture and softness

  • Incorporate laser hair removal (if necessary)

2. Makeup + Skincare

  • Monthly chemical facials to speed up exfoliation (find a local clinic)

  • 2-3 perfectly matched foundations from different brands that vary in texture and finish e.g. matte or dewy / powder or liquid

  • Incorporate use of retinol for increased anti ageing

  • Manicure, pedicure and colour change every 2-3 weeks

  • Lash appointments - Lash lift, tint or individual lash extensions

  • Find your perfect nude lipstick for on-the-go everyday makeup looks

  • Master 2 makeup looks - Your everyday makeup look and your full-glam makeup look

3. Style

  • Consider booking an appointment with a personal shopper to help you with curating your perfect outfits

  • Research colour theory and start wearing clothes that match your skin tone, under tone and eye colour

4. Jewellery

  • Match everyday jewellery with your skin's undertone e.g. Cool undertone are best suited with silver jewellery

5. Perfume

  • Explore niche brands such as Killian, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Frederic Malle that are lesser known but with fragrances that contain higher quality ingredients


Take action!

Becoming more put together can seem like a big task at a glance but if you take one or two tasks and incorporate them gradually, you'll find it easier to adjust. Make a plan to incorporate one or two tasks from these checklists that you'll start doing this week!


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