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7 Luxury Items To Add To Your Wishlist

With in-person shopping making a comeback very soon, we want to give you a dose of inspiration for your next shopping trip. As much as online shopping is amazing, there's nothing quite like heading into a store and trying on the that dress you've been dreaming about. In this post we'll be sharing 7 luxury items that we have on our wish list and their more affordable alternatives!

1. Leather cross-body bag

Every woman needs a sturdy cross-body bag to wear when running errands, whether you're off on a quick trip to your local market or you're simply taking a walk, having a small bag that you can fit your keys, phone and wallet in is a must-have. The great thing about a well-structured cross-body bag is that it can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


2. Trench coat

We're getting close to that time of year where the weather is starting to change and it will soon become too warm to walk around in a wool coat but it's still too cold to walk around in a t-shirt. The solution? A trench coat. Here in London trench coats are all the rage between the months of March to June (and sometimes even July!) as the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer. Just like the crossbody bag, a trench coat can be worn up or down either by adding a pair of heels or trainers.


3. Classy yet comfortable heels

After spending months in loungewear and casual clothing, I'm quite looking forward to getting all dressed up for a date with my girlfriends and what better way to celebrate than to purchase those pair of heels that you've been eyeing up!


4. Silk or satin scarf

Satin scarves are a beautiful way to accessorise a simple outfit. I tend to stick to more neutral tones with my outfits, so scarves give me the opportunity to add a dash of colour to my wardrobe. What I love is the variation in length, colour and mode of dressing when it comes to scarves. You can tie them around your neck or onto your bag, there's just so much variety. Here are some beautiful scarves to add to your collection!


5. Leather Sandals

Every year summer comes around and there are two types of people:

Person A she buys a very well made pair of leather sandals and is able to wear them year after year, whilst keeping them in good condition.

Person B buys a polyutherane pair of sandals for £12 that she has to repurchase every year because they get torn every summer.

Who would you rather be?


6. Leather Loafers

If you want a more covered up look, mules or loafers are a good way to go. With so many high-end and high-street brands offering a different take on the classic shoe, you have so many options to choose from.


7. Elegant sleepwear

Yes ladies, I mean it. We spend between 6-8 hours (sometimes more!) a night sleeping, you owe it to yourself to feel and look beautiful as you do, this is also a part of levelling up your appearance. We never pray for emergencies, but if there ever is one and you have to leave your home in the middle of the night, would you? Elegant sleepwear is definitely a luxury but it's one worth having.


Take action!

As we're nearing the end of lockdown, this is the perfect time to review your wish list and see what you need to change or add. Comment below sharing your favourite item from your wish list.

Written by Faith O.

Contributing writer for Effortlessly Sarah

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Lovely write up. Now I know what to add to my wardrobe, thanks x

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