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The Perfect Pieces To Add To Your Jewellery Collection

If you head over to my Instagram, you will see that Monica Vinader have so kindly gifted me some pieces from their ring collection. I was so pleased with the quality and design of these rings, as they added that something extra special to my outfit. I’m sure that just like myself, many of you enjoy the process of getting ready for a dinner date or event. You get your hair and nails done and put together the perfect outfit but for some reason, it feels like something is missing. This happens to me all the time and I find that some added perfume and jewellery makes the ensemble complete. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing some remarkable pieces from Monica Vinader that add that va-va-voom to any look.


1. Riva Open Wrap Ring

The Riva Open Wrap ring is plated with 18 karat gold and comes in three colourways; rose gold, gold and silver. The base of the ring is made from sterling silver and the thick, gold plating ensures that the ring is both durable without being bulky. I found that when wearing this, the ring was not heavy whatsoever and blended well with my other pieces. What makes the Riva ring extra special is that it comes as part of a collection of Riva rings, so you have plenty of other options if you want to build a personal Riva collection.

Price: £170


2. Riva Diamond Hoop Ring

Another member of the Riva collection is this Riva diamond hoop ring that offers a more artistic approach to the design. This ring also comes in three different finishes and contains diamonds that have been ethically sourced and just like all of the Monica Vinader pieces, this ring is also handmade.

Price: £150


3. Fiji Gem Diamond Ring

The Fiji Gem Diamond ring is one of my personal favourites! This ring is perfect for an everyday look and works perfectly for the ladies that prefer a more subtle and dainty ring. For a more dramatic look, I would recommend layering this ring with another Fiji ring or stacking this alongside a Riva Diamond Hoop ring. This Fiji ring also comes as part of a collection of Fiji bracelets and cuffs, so be sure to explore this line to mix and match their pieces.

Price: £195


4. Riva Diamond Wave Triple Ring

Clearly the Riva line is another favourite of mine! Many of you would have seen this ring in my recent Instagram post. This ring definitely has the “it” factor and the three layers of the ring, give the stacking effect. The Riva Diamond Wave ring is both a comfortable and beautiful piece containing ethically-sourced white diamonds and 18ct gold vermeil. This ring is definitely a must-have to add to your jewellery collection.

Price: £375


5. Doina Heirloom Bracelet

The Doina Heirloom Bracelet is a piece from the MV x Doina collaboration and has been seen on the likes of Hailey Beiber, Gigi Hadid and Katie Holmes. Something about the heirloom bracelet is so regal and would look perfect alongside a black evening dress and red lipstick. If you’re looking to make a statement the Doina Heirloom bracelet is worth having in your collection. To take things up a notch, it is worth considering their Doina huggie earrings as well. Take a look at them here.

Price: £295


6. Sapphire Huggie Earrings and Green Onyx Baguette Ear Charm Set

This Sapphire Huggie earrings set is made up of 3 individual pieces, which allows you to take the simpler approach and purchase just the hoops or you can go all the way and add the Sapphire charms. I prefer the completed look as I feel it makes the colour “pop” a little more and for those of you that are autumns in the seasonal colour analysis, these earrings are perfect! I’ve talked a little bit about dressing according to your best colours in a previous post and this applies to jewellery too.

Price: £185


7. Doina Baroque Pearl and Alta Textured Necklace Set

Another set to consider is this Doina Baroque Pearl and Alta textured necklace set that comes with two pieces; the Baroque pearl and the Alta Textured Chain Necklace. Together the pearl and the necklace create the ultimate statement piece which would prove perfect for a fancy dinner or event. Paired with a fitted, draped dress and heels, this ensemble would keep heads turning.

Price: £210


Ladies, I have some good news...

For those of you lucky ladies that made it to the end of this blog post, Monica Vinader have kindly offered early access to their Black Friday sale for those of you that sign up here. Early access will be between November 15-17th 2021 ahead of the official sale start on November 18th 2021. Have fun shopping!


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