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5 Feminine Ways To Make Your House More Homely

If your experience over the last year has been anything similar to mine, you would know how important your home space has become. With travel restrictions in place we're all spending more time indoors than we have ever done before. All of a sudden we've found ourselves consumed with thinking about how befitting our background is for that Zoom meeting, all whilst peering onto the backgrounds of the people we're in the meeting with!

The saying "home is where the heart is" is true, except when you're in the middle of a pandemic and home is quite literally within the four walls of your address! We're now acutely aware of how our home space makes us feel. The saying "variety is the spice of life" comes to mind in moments like these and today, I'll be sharing with you the different ways that I've made my house feel more like a home during the pandemic.


1. Candles

Experimenting with fragrance is one of my favourite ways to spruce up my home. I love the feeling of walking into my living room after a grocery shop, and getting a strong waft of vanilla and coconut or jasmine and amber. There are countless luxury names and high street brands in the candle world, so feel free to explore with the scent whilst being budget friendly.

Top tip:

Before purchasing a candle try and find out what the burn time on the candle is. The longer the burn time is, the longer you'll get to enjoy the fragrance for.

2. Fluffy blankets

Whilst Spring is very much on the horizon, here in London it is still relatively cold. A warm, fluffy blanket or throw over a sofa, can make you feel more comfortable especially on those days when it isn't quite warm enough to put on the heating. Matching your blanket with the rest of your aesthetic, as seen above, is also a good way to maintain a coordinated and comfy look.

Top tip:

Weighted blankets have become very popular in recent months for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress. This a good alternative to a regular blanket and serves multiple purposes. If you've been spending lockdown alone, this may be handy!


3. Fresh flowers

Valentines day passed by a couple of days ago but I hope you ladies haven't left your fresh flower days behind. Flowers are a beautiful way to spice up your space, and with so much variety when it comes to colour and type, you can mix and match your flower combination to suit your mood. Whether you pick up flowers during your next grocery shop or you buy a bouquet online, this is another great way to inject more femininity into our space and feel good whilst doing it.

Top tip:

When your roses have reached their shelf life, you can always use the rose petals when you run yourself a bath. Who says bath time has to be boring?


4. Art

Art and homeware have long gone hand-in-hand and with numerous artists posting their art pieces on social media, there is so much to choose from. Whether you're already an art collector or amateur, Etsy is a great way to discover lesser known artists who are willing to produce pieces at an affordable price.

5. Faith symbols

For those of you who are more spiritually inclined, including religious symbols in your home is a beautiful and meaningful way to brighten up your home and introduce some positive energy. This tip applies to any walk of life. Growing up in my childhood home, you couldn't walk very far without seeing a Crucifix or Bible scripture placed somewhere. I've continued with this tradition and it's always been affirming for me.

Take action!

Today, review your living space. Are you happy with it? Is there anything that needs to change? Try adding 1 new piece to your house to make it more homely.

Written by Faith O.

Contributing Writer for Effortlessly Sarah


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