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How You Can Use Social Media To Transform Your Love Life

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have seen recently that I posted a Q&A inviting women to share some of their most romantic date stories. I was quickly inundated with one story after another of both men and women, sharing some of their most romantic moments.

Some women shared stories of spontaneous cuddles and wine at the beach under the moonlight, another responder shared that her partner had arranged for them to celebrate their anniversary at the Bulgari hotel, another woman said that her partner had her flown to his castle and had a private chef waiting for them. There were countless other responses sharing some deeply beautiful and romantic experiences, some simple, others more extravagant. What I loved most about reading the responses, was how much attention and care had been put into planning these dates and it had me thinking.

There are so many horror stories on social media filled with stories about cheap men, or rude and disrespectful partners but rarely do we highlight the positive stories. We see many relationship gurus talk about “dating red flags” but rarely is there much emphasis placed on the beauty of green flags in dating. That moment when you realise all of your inner work has paid off, and others are now rising to the occasion to treat you with the care and grace that you deserve.

Whilst my Q&A box was a great opportunity for others to indulge in their extravagant dates, more importantly it was the beauty and joy that stood out to me. Love is a beautiful thing and whilst some of us may be single, married or still dating, it’s so important to raise your vibration to the frequency of love. Ask yourself this question, “How much positive news am I receiving about relationships?” and really think about it.

If you’re unhappy in your romantic life, or perhaps you’d just like to see some improvement accounting for your media intake is a good starting point. When you listen to music, are they are sad songs about heartbreak and cheating? Or are your ears filled with songs about finding the one and having true, romantic joy? When I really started thinking about this consciously, I suddenly became aware of how much reality TV shows and other dramas are fixated on relationship breakdown and unhappiness. If that’s all you’re taking in, there’s no way it won’t impact your real life.

Today’s blog post isn’t about taking 5 or 15 steps to revolutionise your romantic life. I only encourage you take one step and that is, to truly observe the type of content you’re taking in and change it if it isn’t creating joy in your life. Remember that ultimately, your love life boils down to you and this may even involve you unfollowing some accounts on Instagram, or unsubscribing from certain shows or YouTube channels in order to create inner peace. This same rule applies if you find that your body image, or mental health is being negatively impacted by the content you consume.

"Social media is simply a tool and with our hands, we choose what to do with it. For better or for worse."


Take action!

Reflect on the content you’ve been taking in recently, is it helping you to get closer to your goals? Is it filling your life with peace? Is it adding to your joy?

Make amends as necessary.


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