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Hello Darling!

Do you know how amazing you are?

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What is the grandest vision you have for your life?

On your own terms, with no external pressures, what would you need to change about your current habits or mindset, to get there?

We are often defined by our beauty, career, and accomplishments, but have you considered the type of woman you would like to become, from the inside out? What characteristics does she possess? What thoughts does she think of herself and others? What impression does she leave when she is no longer in the room?


Maybe you are still figuring out what this looks like for you; unravelling who you thought you should be to evolve into who you were destined to become. All the tools you have to need to become the highest version of yourself, are within. Along this journey of self-discovery and growth, I’d love to lead the way, sharing what I’ve learned and what I’m learning as I, too, evolve into the woman of my dreams.


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Let's get started ladies!

As a bold, curious, creative, determined individual, I have found my purpose through a number of lifestyle choices. Most notably my solo travels, my practice of health/wellness and fitness, my commitment to personal growth/development, and my appreciation for fashion, the arts, and fine dining.


It has taken me years to evolve from the shy and soft-spoken little girl who immigrated from Ethiopia to the U.S., but I knew early on the type of woman I wanted to become, and relentlessly pursued the lifestyle of my dreams.

Now I want to help you do the same. 

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Effortlessly You...

While it is no simple task, nothing ever worth having or becoming is, but together we can blaze a trail that is beautiful, luxurious, and effortless, for the women behind us.


Let’s define and cultivate self-care habits and routines, incorporate luxury into every aspect of our lives, and explore the richness of traveling abroad, especially alone.

Grab a glass of champagne, and unwind with me… 

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